CBD Products

CBD Gummies! Available in Anytime, Energize and Sleepy Time.

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THC Gummies! Available in Delta-8 and Delta-9.

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Topical Products:

Do you need on-the-spot relief? Then our hemp-infused topicals from Ananda Professional are for you. With a wide range of products there is something for every need. Message us today and someone from our CBD-trained staff will be happy to help you find your match.

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Tinctures and Capsules:

We stock the tincture in 300mg, 600mg, 1000mg, and 2000mg. Also available are the 300mg capsules. Both come in sample packs for anyone new to these products.


Pet Products:

CBD isn’t just for humans. Treat your furry family members to our Ananda Pets bacon-flavored Full Spectrum Full Extract and keep them calm, cool and collected.

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